Help needed with Follow FC mode
  • Hey,

    I've managed to setup my gimbal controller successfully (It's an 8bit Basecam Electronics 2.4B7 firmware). But I have extra requirements for my build...

    - Have one profile which allows flight with camera level with the horizon at all times (done!)
    - Have another profile which keeps the camera static with the frame at all times. Not sure exactly how to do this. Just setting Follow FC didn't work and I'm not sure how to setup my FC (which is a NazaM v2) to make it work.
    - A switch on my controller that allows me to switch between both profiles.

    How can I do this?

  • If you set I to 0 it shoul remain stationary
  • I tried to set both Pitch and Roll 'I' settings to 0, and all it does is on startup the camera points upwards.

    Any other suggestions?
  • Could anyone help this this? I spent hours trying to get this to work... Firstly is what I'm attempting to achieve (keeping the camera static with the frame) actually possible? If so, is Follow FC the correct way to do it?
  • The gimbal is designed to stabilise not to hold firmly the position. If you set 'I' to 0 the gimbal will hold the position it is set to, but might be that there is some startup problems, maybe P and D could be used to eliminate this etc. and might be that there is difference between firmwares.

    Doing this with FC connection, I do not think so. Maybe with RC/'mix channels' I do not really know what that does.

    In theory the FC gimbal control could be fed to Gimbal Pitch and Roll control reversed and that would do it if perfectly tuned, in theory.

    Maybe setting limit acceleration to small value or 0 would do this? I think that is global to all modes as limit angles are and gyro trust.

    Maybe follow mode could be used....

    I suppose this kind of feature would be possible to do on the SW. Maybe you should request this kind of update.
  • Hi,

    Did you get it working?

    Do you really need it to be firmly fixed? Reading the Folow FC description it should work better than that, i.e. filtering the fast movements, but still following the frame.
  • No unfortunately I didn't get it working :-( I love flying with a static camera, but also for other flights a gimbal is a huge benefit. But I've spend literally hours on this problem and not got anywhere, so I've given up for now.

    I'm a bit surprised that no-one else is looking for this type of functionality. I would really appreciate some pointers as having to remove my gimbal to fly static is a massive pain.
  • I have a reverse problem. In order to have gimbal control from my tx it's set to rc.pitch the gimbal "defaults" to "follow pitch" (even though it's disabled) When I set the GUI to ext.pitch the gimbal stays level to horizon but I lose pitch control from my tx.