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      regarding: API Control DS1 (Mini BGC 1.2) over USB i hope it's not too late. i just connected my turnigy RC-receiver to the ROLL/PITCH/YAW connector of the simple bgc tiny 1.2 in the Beholder DS1 and i was able to move/control the gimbal in YAW. PITCH and ROLL. for that i had to change the RC_ROLL pin mode in the simpleBGC GUI from 'Sum-PPM' to 'Normal (PWM or Analog), the i assigned the RC inputs: ROLL got 'RC_ROLL - PWM' PITCH got 'RC_PITCH - PWM' YAW got 'RC_YAW - PWM' and it works !! where can u find this tiny rc-pwm connector in the Beholder DS1? it's located in the battery grip and is connected to the joystick board. it is a really tiny connector, with 5 pins, pitch 1mm - JST BM05B-SRSS-TB ( that one: http://cgi.ebay.at/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=391316283120#ht_614wt_1399 ). use a multimeter to find pin assignment ;) and solder your cable as needed. for extending the power line, i bought JST PH 2 female : http://www.ebay.at/itm/JST-PH-MCPX-2-3-Pin-RC-Connector-Plug-with-Wires-Leads-Extensions-2mm-Pitch-UK-/361673491746?var=630999470144, with wires - ATTENTION black/read wires are different than the one on the gimbal, so change black <-> red!! before soldering AND powering on. use multimeter to check GND line of the plug/connector of your self made cable with e.g. the USB-case of the sumpleBGC tiny, so u can be sure GND and VCC isn't swapped. so you can forget about the whole grip and the motor mount, then you can mount the YAW motor of the DS1 to your device ( 4xM3 with 22mm pitch-distance/diameter ) instead of a RC-receiver as i use, you can use any arduino PWM/RC-simulation library - i haven't tested, but should work as well. again, hope it helps, hope it wasn't too late, hope it is understandable. feel free to contact me ( nn9346@gmail.com ) cheers christian
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