YAW motor drift issue with encoder enabled firmware
  • Hello,

    I have been facing yaw motor drift issue in my encoder based gimbal setup.

    Board name and version: SimpleBGC 32bit Extended Long 2-IMU board. (version 3.6)
    Firmware version: 2.69 b4
    GUI version: V2.69 b4
    encoders: AS5048B
    encoder type used in gimbal setup: PWM based
    motors: BGM 4108-130 (22 pole )
    payload weight: camera with approximate 200gms weight

    I am using 2 imu sets in my gimbal setup. One is frame imu which is inbuilt on extended long board itself and other is camera imu connected to extended board through I2C. Both the IMU are well calibrated. All 3 motors have AS5048B (PWM) based encoder sensors. All 3 encoders are calibrated as per manual instructions.

    To eliminate yaw motor drift i have switched to this encoder based setup and yet i can see a drift in yaw motor of gimbal. How can i fully eliminate the yaw drift?

    Please go through following video link that demonstrate this problem.

  • Hello dear friend

    hope your issue to be solved very soon

    I am very new to this stabilizer. how ever asked a friend and he recommend using a magnetometer
    use it and check if the problem is eliminated from your system

    also I have a question

    how did you define the stabilizer to set its built in IMU as frame IMU
    may you send me some pictures from your setup

    thank you