Motor with gearbox
  • Is it possible to use a motor with 50: 1 reduction?

    Thank you
  • that type of motor is for robot's use RS232 technically you do not need a controller just a gyroscope
  • Do you know any controller that has gyroscopes for these motor that are as reliable as the basecam?
  • your not understanding the tech the motor already has a controller you need gyro to do the stabilization one each axis it tells the controller what to do. gyroscope range form $8 to $50k !
    gear motor example
  • t-motor also makes one without controller !
  • It is interesting AOPEN, but I would like to improve this motor, since they have Backlash.
    I would like to use a Harmonic reducer, but I don't get the motor to have more revolution for this. One solution is in the motor winding, but I would not like to lower the resistance of 10 ohms.
    That is why I asked if the Basecam program has the possibility of increasing the motor revolutions for this purpose.
  • technical i think the wingdings are the same as BGC motors ! the point is to turn BRC motor into a large strong metal gear servo.
  • What is the minimum resistance in OHMS for the motor winding that can work properly on Basecam controllers?
  • 5-6 ohm but you need hiy voltage board !