Strange problem with PWM control in ANGLE mode
  • Hi,
    I have Alexmos 32 bit controller and until yesterday it work great. But suddenly yaw axis is stop responding on PWM input! As you can see in video GUI show RC_YAW input but gimbal have not any movement! RC_PITCH work as expected. Both axes are in ANGLE mode. In SPEED mode gimbal work. The problem appeared after I changed YAW min/max angle from -180/180 to -90/90. I've put the old settings back but problem persist.
    Here is video: https://youtu.be/FqfZRhoIJLY
    As you can see in first half of video I move YAW and you can see move in GUI but YAW axe stay in place. In second half of video I move pitch and pitch axes are moving!
    Any idea where is problem?
  • Can`t figure what is wrong. Now I am put analog potentiometer on A2 but same problem. In angle mode yaw not moving but in speed mode work normaly.
    youtube: https: //youtu.be/qzTzIKx1DqY (delete space betwen : and // )
  • Maybe you have yaw speed 0.
  • No, at any speed, 10,20,100... and any acceleration limit same problem. Something is wrong in mapping on Alexmos. Question is where, software bug or hardware. Tomorow will erase eeprom.
  • ...and if I change inputs for YAW, analog A1, 2,3 or PWM RC or FC, nothing change, but if I change from angle to speed mode all inputs work!
  • Is there any idea for my problem?
    I'm a bit scared to wipe out eeprom because I'm not quite clear with what sequence I'm going to pick up the system again.
  • Test with the min and max limits.