Gimbal motors for moderate load
  • Hallo forums,

    I want to build a gimbal for my camera, which weights about 500g without lens or focus motor. With the small lenses and motor its about 800 grams. I will build gimbal using aluminium extrusions as they are sturdy and inexpensive. I need motors in the range of 600-1200 grams and relatively affordable (Not looking to buy super high end motors for the application they are given).

    Please let me know, thanks.
  • Hello,
    Except motors, gimbal should have wide range for balacing camera with lens.
    Because without balance even motors with excess power won't be able to manage with their task.
    Please, specify, what battery do you plan to use for your gimbal?
  • Three cell battery. What would be the smallest motors that could take the load, given that a wide range will exist to balance the camera.

    Kind Regards Till
  • I found a motor, that upon contacting a company would tell me supports a camera between 2.5-3kg.
    heres the link: it seems way to cheap to be true, although they have no encoders. Should I buy these and some high quality encoders or does this seem a bit wierd?
  • Flugzeugmotor88
    unfortunately you get what you pay for not what you want ! No that 4114 motor is garbage
    1. it only supports 12v!
    2. there no encoder built in or can be retrofired
    3. Resistance: 10.9 omh
    4. Weight: 143g for such low power
  • Awesome thanks for the analysis :)
  • Kind Regards Till

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