Battery types
  • Hello!

    What battery should i use for my gimbal?
    I have a sBGC 32bit v3.02 board with 2 imu's and 3x 5208-200T
    The motors have 10ohm impedance. I readed that i should use 4s lipo battery or minimum 3s but 3s is kinda on the edge and i will have jitters and staggers on my pitch axis.
    Can i use Li-Ion 12v battery? I have a spare one with 6800mAh and i was wondering if 12v will be enough..
  • Using a higher voltage battery will allow you to keep your PID values lower because there is more available torque from your motor
  • so what battery you recommend based on what motors i have? Do i really need to use li-po's or i could use any other li-ion batteries? Can i use 2x Sony NP-F batteries? 14.4V - 6000mAh? Thank you so much!

    Also, important notice: I will use a Canon 5dmk2 with some sigma art 35 1.4 glass.. kinda heafty setup
  • Standard 12 volt battery is good for most setup 3S LipO Or Lithium battery you can use max of up to 22v with 32bit BGC controller. The Canon 5d mkII is not a heavy camera 12v -14v is good !
  • The gimbals I build support 20lbs at 75mph, so a DSLR is not hefty by comparison. I always encourage using the largest battery you can support for the reasons I stated above. However, for a handheld rig this can be a problem because of operator fatigue. Yes, 14.4V is great. Like Oran said, anywhere between 12v and 22v is good. Lipo or Li-ion is fine.
  • Thank you so much! Somebody with the same setup told me that 14.4v or 4s Li-po it's too much and the motors start to overheat so this is why i came up with this question. I'm fairly new to this whole thing but i'm learning
    I will test it with 2 np-f batteries and i will see..
  • Use encoders and your motors will not overheat
  • gimal power with lipo battery, you can go with ovonic lipo from https://www.ampow.com/