bestablecam H4 - big problems
  • Hello, We bought this gimbal two years ago. I remember it works great. but someone thought that he could improve it, it has not worked anymore.

    I am trying to get it working again.
    I have the original profile files. but something seems not to work

    when I connect then i get always this message:

    when I try to save profiles i get always this message:

    I have seen in a .profile file that the original version should be 2.6 b4

    firmwareVer > 2604
    appVer > 2604
    boardVer > 31
    boardFeatures > 30

    but unable to upload firmware

    there are no serial number

    and it say: "License is not valid - This firmware can not be run in this board...."

    Any idea about how to continue?

    this is the gimbal:

  • Hello,
    First of all, try update VCP driver from here: https://www.silabs.com/products/development-tools/software/usb-to-uart-bridge-vcp-drivers
    And if errors (in the GUI) still exist, try connecting the controller to another PC with another USB cable.
  • I have tested this drivers on my computer and on a new computer
    on my computer it is the same.
    with the new computer and a new cable the first error message don't apear.

    but when i try to write the profile i continue getting the second message:

  • Make sure that the FW and GUI versions are the same. Both are visible in GUI when connected.