circuit board 5 volt side burnout
  • -Have a dys simple bgc board.
    -Have the AS5048 encoders
    -Have software for encoders onboard.
    -Battery connection has a 6s 22.2v battery supply.
    -Encoders, emu, motors, and battery connected properly.
    -No outside 5 volts supplied, relying on the voltage regulator internally.
    Had a burnout of the non motor side of the board voltage. The board has since been replaced, but have not proceeded to supply the battery power as of yet. Read somewhere about voltage option by soldering in regards to the 5v side being powered by the battery, or an outside source.
    Question 1: Is there a grounding issue that the grounds need to be soldered together? (OR)
    Question 2: does the soldered link to the 5 volts regulator need to be soldered on or unsoldered?
    Question 3: Which option does the DYS board have onboard?
    Question 4: Can someone link the 5v volt solder choice since I do not no where to find it...

    Thanks for the help,
  • Hello.

    Our controller has a common GND with the battery and +5V load is connected to it. For the PWM ports, there is an option to not pass +5V to central pin, if jumper is open.
    I am afraid I havn't understand your questions 2 and 4 completely.

    Regards, Aleksey.
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