2.62 b0 Encoder Trial Firmware bug?
  • After a very long time I powered my 32bit Alexmos Gimbal up again and updated to the newest 2.62 b0 firmware. Before the update I was somewhere around firmware 2.5x. I load the Encoder Trial firmware to see what new features are available now.
    The problem is, that now the Gimbal becomes useless after 3minutes, because after the restart just the red LED lights and the motors are vibrating and make strange noises. Reset the BGC Controller over the onboard button doesn't do anything. Just unplug from the power source helps to get the gimbal back to a working stage. On the old firmware the gimbal shuts down after 3 minutes, but after a short time it restarts and works again, like it is also stated on the basecamelectronic website: "It is fully functional firmware except that it will stop the motors every 3 minutes."

    So is it just me with the problem, or is it normal for the "new" trial mode? That makes the trial firmware useless, because setting up the gimbal to test the encoders is a pain with restarting it so often.