How do I choose the best battery? 3, 4 or 5S?
  • Which battery are U guys using? Is 4s any better than 3s... mayby more power to a heavy camera? How important is the "C" value. I see batterys from 5C to 50C...

    My gimbal: Hifly, 32 bit board, 2nd IMU on the frame, 8108-90 pan and roll motors, 5208-200 pitch motors, Sony FS100 camera.
  • there in not really any need to worry about C if you are using RC LiPo batteries. In theory the AlexMos board could use about 10A, in practise you need probably less than 1A. So if you have a 2000 mAh battery, 5C is more than enough.

  • Thanks!

    and what about 3 or 4s... which one is best for a large camera?
  • It is not quite that simple. It depends much of the motor. I would start with 4S for big camera, but if the power settings would end being below 150, probably change to 3S. The batteries are inexpensive, I would just try what works best.
  • THE BOTH WORK! I thing smaler 3S is better less bulk to lug around 3 hour out of it on RED Gimbal
  • Guys what about heat? I mean a 4 or 5s LIPO requires to protect some componenents (to avoid they get ruined by the heat?)
  • The 32bit boards should be able to take 6S, 8 bit boards 4S.

    It is best to use the lowest possible voltage, components will heat less and probably the resolution is better as the Power setting will be higher. Generally if the lowest Power setting is below 150, I would lower the voltage and raise the Power setting.

    The needed voltage much depend of the motor resistance and the needed torque. The needed torque depends of the camera weight and inertia, mostly inertia. Long objective has more inertia than short if the weight is the same.
  • Hi i have 4 6s can i use them without trouble on my 32bit board it look so big i am really affraid coz There is no forum about it on the net
  • If your system does not require 6S, I would not use 6S or if I would I would use a regulator to drop the voltage to suitable level. But this depends totally of the gimbal you have. If it is a really big gimbal with really big motors or motors with really many turns, maybe 6S is good.
  • Thank you for your answer i think i am gonna transform my 6s on 3s or 4s
  • I'm using a 3s lipo battery[/url]. About your question" Is 4s any better than 3s" , you must know what's the mean of the"4s or 3s". S=3.7v, so youcan know that 4s=14.8V, 3s=11.1v; "C" means the discharge rate.
    When you know these, you can choose one best battery for yourself. If you don't know how to choose your battery, you can go to here http://www.genstattu.com/3s-11-1v-lipo-battery.html