YAW is wack.
  • So in the air, the Bluetooth and recorded video show yaw wiggling left and right. It's small but present. Tilt and roll are silky smooth. On the ground yaw works good but I believe the extra movement on the helicopter make the problem show up. I don't think it's any vibration problems. Seems like the camera and frame imu are getting confused. See video for clear symptom. I feel like if I can fix that my problem will be gone. Anyway to disable the frame imu all together and just use one?

  • What FW is that? also your above yaw shakes also. Different tuning could help, Newest betas work better on this.
  • I2c errors. I'll have a video up on the same question in rcgroups. I nailed down what it is too. I'm testing today to prove it out
  • I2c errors came from loose power plug powering camera.

    Yaw jitters were coming from loose screws holding the yaw motor cage.