Dead band only in speed mode?
  • Hi,
    I noticed that the dead band setting not only affects in the speed mode bit also in the angle mode. I have a potentiometer mounted in the angle mode to control the roll axis and when I increase the dead band, it can be felt on potentiometer for roll axis. In manuall writes that it should not so! Is it a bug?
  • I forgot to write. I have SimpleBGC 32-bit, firmware and GUI 2.43b9, two IMUs.
  • What are you trying to archive, why is there a potentiometer on Roll axis?

  • Because sometimes I want to have tilted image. But that is not point, my question was like above because it bothers me dead band in the middle of the potentiometer.
  • Ok I think I misunderstood the "mounted in the angle mode to control the roll axis "

    So you use the potentiometer to control roll. Deadband is because you probably have set deadband or expo or both. See the RC settings and lower Deadband.

    The RC deadband affects any connected devise in any mode, it is the deadpand for the Joystick/potentiometer.
  • Manual, page 19, on the bottom: "Dead band — adjusts a dead band around neutral point. There's no control while RC signal is inside this range. This feature works only in SPEED mode, and helps to achieve better control by eliminating jitters of stick around neutral point."

    Problem is that I have also conected joystick (speed mode, for yaw and pitch) and I need dead band and it would be good to do as it says in the manual!
    (Sorry for bad English, causes misunderstandings :) )
    Thanks a lot for helping!
  • Now that I understand your problem, and at second thought, I am not sure. For me dead band is not affecting RC control on angle mode (Pitch). though I have yaw on speed mode. Contact BaseCam via support to get this solved. RC Dead band should not affect angle mode I think.
  • I'm sure it still affects the angle mode, because when increase the dead band increases and idling of potentiometer around a central position. I will contact support.