Yaw motor Jitters in half speed moving (video)
  • Hello everybody i have post my problem again but i didn't have find the solution .. :(
    im using alexmos 32bit 1 IMU
    pitch,roll G5208-200 motors and Yaw GBM 5108-120T and a DSLR canon 60D (1,5 Kg)
    at yaw axis im taking a jitter when im moving at half speed
    see the monitoring graph at the video and please post any idea why i have this problem
  • I have the same problem and have not found a solution. Fast is ok, slow is very good, but medium is terrible jitter??

    I hope there will be solution to this.
  • Try to reduce I @ yaw
    and you can try P vaule bigger than D value.. P>D

    my pid @ yaw
    P I D
    106 0,07 90
  • Ok I will try it tonight and I will post after ... Thank you for your advice
  • definitely those values don't match at my gimbal :( ...
    i changed it around but i take the same issue....

    any other advice?