Get rid of follow mode
  • Hi,

    I have upgraded f/w to 2.40 b7 and now I just can't get rid of the follow mode. It is always in follow mode what ever I do. I have attached a receiver on the back to control Roll/Pitch/Yaw from a second T/X. It works fine but how do I get rid of follow mode??? I want the gimbal to follow my hex frames movement with a soft start and stop of the gimbal on sudden frame moves...???

  • If your yaw axis is not well balanced, the camera will tend to rotate in forward flight on when hovering in wind since the heavy side wants to go to the lowest spot.
    If yaw axis is carefully balanced then make sure you have de-activated the "follow Yaw" under the follow tab. Also it might be best to deselect "estimate frame angles from yaw motors". You might also want to simplify your configuration by avoiding RC control of roll..... since there are better ways to handle that requirement.