• looks Alexmos could also do the "Auto Tuning" Would Show! the Gimbal MOVI already have and the new Gimbal DJI Ronin!

    Think about it!

  • Hello wil, basecam controllers are too universal solution unlike ready-to-use rig from Movi.
    Due to this there are many dificulties to make Auto tuning for all possible options of using one. But BaseCam will try to do this in the near future.
  • Thanks ;)
  • The fact that the system is more "universal" shouldn't have any impact on it's ability to 'auto-tune' should it?

    If it is reading the output from the sensor the brand of the motors shouldn't make a difference. Can't wait to see this feature implemented.
  • The concept of auto-tuning was promoted back in the mid 80's as a PID controller with "artificial intelligence". It self-tunes to achieve the optimum which is considered as 1/4 wave dampening...... a brief overshoot, fast reset and a little derivative to make it settle down asap......

    It's a great idea but needs a lot of processor power and advanced programming.
  • do it :)
  • like this ^^
    we know when 2.42 out ? :P
  • This "feature" is overdue! If the ronin is available before 2.42..... I think the alexmos era will be over.
  • Ronin is 9lbs - heavy in my opinion and from what I have heard many issues...

    Auto tune feature would be awesome :)
  • what about 8 bits. I guess auto tuning will be only on 32.

    Will the future firmware updates be available for 8 bit, or its abandoned now and they only focused on 32 bit?
  • Good Question, it could be much improvement 4 8 bit users. I hope they don't forgot about us :)
  • Auto tune needs 2 IMU for it to work 8 bit boards may not be able to handle it sorry! Upgrade to 32Bit ! Ronin only good for under 9LB while , GB85, GB100, GB110 good for up to 15LB+ depending on setup.
  • phobotic does it with 1 imu so why cant alexmos boards?
  • Auto tune works with any number of IMU - 1 or 2
  • Then once again, why dont we have this on 8bit?
  • 8bits' have memory limitation which has bean reached in 2.40b7. It is not possible to implement new functions into.
  • I would gladly sacrifice some functions for auto tune firmware...
  • Totally agree with Mrimstad...

    It is a genuine PITA trying to achieve a perfect enough PID stabilization with 8-bit... Especially when you must go outside to fly to test the settings every time...

    I think Autotune or something is a must for 8-bit as well.

    It's absurd to have a good enough DIY gimbal and balance it perfectly, only to find that the PID/power are not quite right and the stabilization is not what one was looking for... And there's like millions of possible settings.
  • AOPEN3434 I also have the Ronin and I work with payloads of over 15lb and works fine. Of course it is an heavy rig but absolutely stable.