RC issues
  • Hi all,

    I have connected a RC receiver to my 32bit board running v2.40 b8. I have made all of the necessary connections, and can control my yaw and my pitch with the transmitter...however, when pitching up or down, the roll also moves, and possibly even the yaw slightly.

    I have tried doing the six point Acc calibration and numerous gyro calibrations to no prevail....I am out of ideas at this point and would appreciate any input from you guys.

    Thanks in advance!
  • Make sure the IMU is square to the pitch axis.
  • Double check your wiring between RC Rx and BGC board. Then doublecheck your BGC configuration to ensure that there is no mixing and each input is correctly assigned, i.e., using the correct versus alternate profile etc. If that does not solve the problem it must be the IMU positioning and/or calibration. Disconnect any aux, menu button inputs etc. to keep it simple first then add back in when ready.
  • Thanks to you both for your input. I will give it a try!