Configuring Yaw control on Cinestar 8 caged landing gear
  • In this situation it is the entire landing gear c/w camera that have to be taken in to account for yaw PID loop tuning and NOT the higher momentum airframe above it such that PID loop tuning had to be performed with MR mounted in a sling. But then when set on the ground before take-off the yaw control does not work correctly until the system is airborne. So I need to find a way to delay the BGC activation until the system is airborne. I can add a 3 position RC switch but who would I then configure it for airborne BGC alignment with MR heading etc.?
  • You could make a CMD profile that has Yaw 'I' 0, maybe low P and D too. that should work.

    Or you could have a relay* on the gimbal power line and gimbal started on air. (*PicoSwitch or something similar)

    Or maybe cutting 2 of yaw motor wires when on ground. This could be build so that power is automatically connected at liftoff (just using gravity and micro switch)
  • Thanks Garug,
    Next question.... I can't find a wiring diagram to show how the CMD function is controlled via hardwired input. I assume I need to connect to Aux 1, 2 or 3 input on the BGC board..... but I need a return signal to ground path and most of the available pins are already used up. Any one have a schematic wiring diagram of this arrangement? Or a better idea?