Battery placement
  • Any suggestions on the best mounting position of the battery. I know this can affect the balance, would like to see some examples and opinions.
  • IMHO -best place would be on MR airframe above the BGC 2 or 3 axis system but that would require running the power wires down thru the yaw motor hollow shaft. 2nd best place would be under the yaw motor at the center of it's vertical axis but with one exception.....
    the battery could also be used to counterbalance the camera if it is mounted forward of the Yaw axis.
  • the best place as mentioned is between yaw and roll motors - so you have freedom on rotating yaw (if only you don't use hollow shaft motors with slip ring which will solve this problem - but the thing is you don't want the weight of whole gimbal to hang on that motor. So you need shaft. But if you have to use shaft it would be a problem using hollow shaft motor haha). The only disadvantage of this - is you battery would affect balance of the gimbal. So you have to do 2 things:

    1) Make sure that all your batteries are identical. I mean if one of your batteries are discharged and you want to replace it with chraged one - you want the identical battery so there would no need to balance gimbal again and tune pid settings

    2) You have to hold the battery on really really rigidly. So if there would be some shakes and vibrations it wont move and affect balance. IMO the best way it was solved by besteady . They insert the cylinder battery inside of the cage-tube under yaw motor http://i1.ytimg.com/vi/RTVYLRe8FMk/maxresdefault.jpg
  • Best place would be above the Yaw. This is where additional mass is good as it stabilises the installation platform and also as any additional mass on the balanced part of the gimbal is bad, especially if it is far from the centre.

    Actually there is one place that could be better in some regards. that is below the yaw at front of the Yaw motor. This would act as counter weight for Roll motor and Roll assembly and move the Yaw motor closer to centre.