32bit bug detected when yaw upside down
  • First of all i must say welcome 32bit, it works amazingly better then 8bit and big thums up for all the people worked hard on this.
    i played around with my rig and all workes fine for a while but suddely the yaw starts freaking out.
    We all know when we are starting to configurate our gimbal and set it to follow yaw and then suddenly the yaw starts freaking out
    we have to check the inverse yaw checkbox and its fine then.
    Well i see this happen now suddely sometimes when i power up the gimbal the yaw imediately starts freaking without i have changed in software. i then have to reconect in software, check the inverse box again and its fine again. but now the inverse checkbox is the opposite as it was before.
    what i also tryed was make one profile where yaw is inverted and one profile where yaw is not inverted,
    then when it happend again the freaking i switched to the other profile but could not get it right again.
    also when it happens and i switch off, swich on again the error stays and i have to reconect software again and simply check the inverse yaw and its fixed.
  • yea there is a bug @me too
  • Seems I have a similar issue. The red ball in the top compass needle graphic continually spins around while the BGC yaw motor rotates until the camera is pointed 180 degrees away from the MR heading. How do I fix this issue?
  • Yes, The same problem as mine.