actual PID algorithm
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    is the specific PID algorithm used in the basecam controllers published anywhere? we are pointed towards the wikipedia page for pid controllers (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PID_controller) in this basecam blog entry

    however the basecam manual descriptions of PID are somewhat ambiguous and various details suggest that standard PID algorithm is not the one utilised in the basecam controller.

    standard pid algorithm:

    would be useful to know mathematically what is implement to get a better intuition for gimbal tuning.

  • no idea?

    any developers care to shed some light on this? if there are commercial concerns, perhaps they can simply state which of the versions on the wiki page it is closest to.
  • PID loop tuning in Multirotors and BGC systems is a signficant deviation from the conventional industrial world of automation PID tuning concepts reference: http://www.amazon.com/Process-Control-Systems-Application-Design/dp/0070571015

    I had the special privilege of introducing Greg Shinsky as the keynote speaker at a large public engineering forum back in the mid 80's.
  • icecream.....
    the first part after the 2nd equal sign is the proportional variable, i.e., Kp
    the 2nd part is the Integral variable, i.e., Ki
    the 3rd part is the Derivative variable, i.e., Kd.
    Proportional is the one and only component that does not involve calculus.

    Integral is referred to in the Process industry as the "reset" which means it resets the proportional response just as it overshoots the target value which is referred to as the desired setpoint.

    Derivative it a rate adjustment that must be used very carefully in conventional industrial process control as it is the variable that can so easily introduce instability as when the changing input value is too spastic!!

    But in the world of BGC and FC PID loop control there has been some unusual deviation from industrial process PID control theory. It could be that BGCs and FC PIDs were developed from NASA specific applications related to stabilizing the rotation of spheres and cylinders travelling in space.