8 bits or 32 bits for a 2 axis Gimbal?
  • For a 2 axis Gimbal should I use 2 axis 8 bits board or 2 axis 32 bits on a 3 axis controller board?
  • Both will work good, but 32 bit is more future proof and if you later on decide add yaw motor, you just need to connect and configure it.

    I have just started tuning and testing the 32 bit board, it is different than 8 bit. It feels faster and better connected, but at the same time PID values are much different and at this time I have feeling that the 32 bit board is more demanding to tune than the 8 bit. Today the 8 bit board might be more proven technology.
  • Thanks for the response. The 32 bit board is more expensive but it may be worth trying it if the results can be noticed, too bad about the tuning I was hoping it would get easier.
  • Where did you download the 32bit firmware from?
    All i see is the 2.4 GUI.
  • Garug, do you have any pointers for setting up the 32 bit board? I've managed to do an okay job with the 8bit but am struggling with the 32bit a lot more!
  • It took me an hour before realising that the pitch and roll are wrongly printed on the board.

    I am currently using less power with 32 bit than with 8 bit board, maybe 20% less. The PID values are much smaller.

    I will be testing the 32 bit board more and writing a review of it, maybe next week.
  • Only one hour.....? It took me about 7 hours.... then I reviewed the website notice as it was not posted by the supplier or in the documentation. In the process a power cable to the 3 axis board fell out. When I reconnected it.... bang.... no more 3rd axis....... connector was accidently connected upside down.....very disappointed....
  • Flyduino new 32 bit board with integrated sensor arrived couple of days a go. I like the integrated IMU, though some planning is needed to calibrate it. Yesterday BaseCam SimpleBGC 32-bit arrived.

    I am currently really busy finalising a RED gimbal build but will be reviewing these boards after next week here: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2178272

    But I can already now say, with the new 2.41b4 FW the 32 bit board is simply awesome. I am now testing it with the Flyduino board on the LeViteZer RED gimbal. It took just some half an hour to tune it working, but of course many hours of tuning and trials are needed before it is working perfect.

    I still have couple of 8 bit boards, I will find some use for them on the flying platforms, but I think they will be replaced also soon with the 32 bit boards. Not so much for performance, 8 bit is just fine for 2 axis GoPro gimbal, but because 32 bit boards natively support SBUS (though I have not yet tested it).