Voltage Error on the ArmBGC V 4.0 32-bit (Alexmos)
  • Hi!
    I tried to install the new ArmBGC V 4.0 32-bit Board for my gimbal.
    First I tested the board with the USB connection for programming and all seemed to be working fine.
    Then I disconnected the USB cable and powered the board with a 4S Lipo. At the same moment one electronic part burned up.
    I marked the part on the picture in the link below. If I connect the board with USB or Bluetooth everything seems to be working correctly.
    May I am able to fix this failure?
  • Well that sucks, this board was suppose to have reverse-polarity protection, overheat and overcurrent protection
  • Does not seem easy to fix, but the question is why that happened?
  • Contact the seller.
  • Yes I don't understand that, because I only used the board with the two IMU sensors.
    Someone an idea?
  • Can you still see the part number of that chip? maybe you can find out online or buy online to resolder?
  • Under the conditions theflamez explains I think it should be under warranty.

    If everything remains the same, the new component would likely just do the same.
  • Thanks for your answers!
    The ArmBGC support is really good. But some of you certainly know that the shipping takes very long from Armenia...
    They are testing every board before shipping and without testing it is not possible to write the bootloader. They also don't understand this failure.

    Now I know the part number and they also will send the defect part to me.
    I'm curious if the controller then will be working fine.
    Otherwise I have to return it... But this will take certainly 6-8 weeks...And I don't want to wait so long.

    Does anyone here have good expiriences with the Flyduino 32bit Board?

    Which board do you use or would you recommend?
  • Dear customer,

    replacement of this component may solve the problem with a high probability.
    But be sure that you installing it properly!
  • The same happened with my board! it burned
    Same procedure!

    Same ARM BGC Board :-(
    Did you send it back?

  • Not good news, I have one of these on the way. I sure hope this gets worked out. I may hold off on installing my board. Or maybe just return it right away and stick with my 8bit. I haven't seen much from 32 bit users on here yet.
  • Hi! Not good news...
    They send me a new part (1.2A STEP-DOWN CONVERTER) and it will be arrive in the next few days.
    I will give you an update if it works with the new part.
    Otherwise I will have to return it.
  • Hi, I recently received my 4.0 32-bit controller and it works perfect. I have read this forum before connecting everything, I was afraid to even connect. But nothing happened. I have a 4s battery 3700 ma. Check that everything is connected to its corresponding polarity and ready ...... a luxury!

    Is likely to burn the polarity change .... even when he says be protected with this risk.

  • Hi! I have soldered in the new step-down converter and now the board works.
    But it is no so easy to do that, because it is very small. So if you do not have a good soldering equipment it is better to send it back.
  • i sent mine back because of not good soldering skills in this size.
    What exactly was the problem why it burned?
    Was the old part defective?
  • Hello sir my controller ARMBGC V4,5 32bit board i try update my board but after manual update controller not connected to GUI i try recover but after installation i disconnect USB connect again but controller not connect to imu
    i see massage BOARD version-3.0 Firmware -0.00 b0
    what is this problem and haw fix board
  • Version ARMBGC V4,5 has problems of software upgrade. Do not know why, but I see that is a common problem that we all do. Hopefully soon there may be a solution.
    versión 3.0 del firmware - 0.00 b0
  • ok now i have this problem but cant fix
    haw fix?
  • I have the same problem with the new 4.5 Board
  • Anyone please can give me the name of that part and from where I can get it?
  • Hello guys,

    Yes me too i want to replace this part
    Have u à link to this, i setup à brand new gimbal
    So frustated, and armbgc dont answer me,its
    Thé armbgc V 4.0

  • Hello Falsky.Your burned mosfet is AJ2QB
  • fallsky