Using BeSteady's firmware and GUI on a standard Basecam controller board
  • Would anyone know if it's safe to load up BeSteady's custom firmware onto a standard basecam controller board?

    BeSteady's GUI looks so much better than the standard GUI.

    Just not sure if I try flash their firmware to my board if I'll brick it??
  • I tried the BeSteady GUI, it won't connect to basecam.
  • Ja me too... Says won't work with the firmware I currently have... Seems you have to flash the board with their firmware.

    Just wondering if it will make my board turn into a brick if I try ?
  • the firmware is exactly the same with customised features. We manufacture gimbals and we have our own GUI too... :-)
  • Come someone here try and tell us here. As an engineer I think it should be the same.
  • i tought be steady had ails app too
  • So the question still remains, does anyone have insight in to weather loading BeSteady's custom Firmware onto a standard Basecam board will stuff it up... or would it just be a case of reflashing it if it doesn't work.

    My goal it to see if I can tune my Handheld 3 Axis Gimbal using their GUI?
  • backward79, BeSteady custom firmware does not differ from usual firmwares from BaseCam. Basic advantage of besteady - they tune parameters appropriate to they constraction of gimbal. The parameters of besteady gimbal will not work on other rigs.
  • I achieve load the firware of Bestady on a controller 8 bist v3.5. It was very difficult, even to connect the USB and GUI Besteady. NOT working properly, it crashes and does not work. It is there to load the latest version serving for 32 bits. Anyway, I'm using the 32-bit controller GUI 2.4B8 and it works perfect, better than I expected.

    As I like better is the GUI 2.4B8.

    Cheers ..
  • Thanks for the insight @Yu3u and @ariellago
  • Do I understand this correctly that now that I have the new 32bit controller with 2 IMU´s that I could flash the controller with Besteady´s firmware and use their software?
  • photopop, no. BeSteady uses 8-bit controllers
  • Ok thanks Yu3u :)
    I must have read ariellago´s comment wrong...