Controller 32 bits, that motors?
  • The new version 4.0 32 bits, can control large motors such as GB85-1?
    Thank you
  • Yes should be able.
  • ok, what worries me is the voltage limit of 1.5 A. The controller V3.5 can support 3 A.
    While it handles current up to 4S, I'm not entirely sure you do not have any problem with Big Motors.
    But if there are no problems, makes the test.

  • My Canon 5D, 3 x GB85-1 gimbal with 4S uses 0.9 A all together, so average 0.3 A per motor :-o
  • Yup GB85 is a big motor. If your gimbal is completely balanced it shouldn't use a lot of current. 3s 4s lipo no problem.
  • Ok, I connect with GB85 engines and have no problems, works great. Actually all 32-bit electronic works perfect. Now my other question is: will be able to use Big Motor GB100?
  • Somebody already used a GB100?
  • GB85 is about 13 ohms between phases, GB90 is about 20 ohms between phases, so with the same power setting GB90 uses less current. My feeling is that GB90 provides at least the same amount of torque with the same power settings, but when GB85 starts to get warm, GB90 runs totally cool.

    As GB85 can easily take power setting 200 at 4S, GB90 probably needs more voltage than 4S for full power. But currently with a RED gimbal and GB90 power 150 with 4S seems to be enough.

    But so, yes I think the big motors are no problem, as long as they have reasonably high resistance an voltage is kept reasonable.