Tuning guide spread sheet
  • I put together a spread sheet for members to share settings. Hopefully this will make it easier to share, help members make suggestions, and make the process of tuning a little smoother. I have saved the file in Google Docs. I welcome any feed back on how to best share this with the forum members, also any suggestions on items that could be added to the spreadsheet. I would ask that you please do not make changes on your own, do not delete or change others settings, and only add your own information.
    Thank you

  • I have only included the basic settings that most users would need to get the gimbal working and stable. Settings such as, rd input mapping, rc control modes, profiles settings etc. aren't really needed to get the gimbal working properly. I'm hoping this can be a quick reference for members to have a starting point. Of course, cameras, lenses, and all sorts of crap hanging from the gimbal can affect its operation, and these can be addressed in other discussions. Please take the time to add your info, so that we can all get out there and make some cool stuff.
  • Thank you for taking the initiative to start this! I think that it was badly needed. Can you adjust it to include multicopters too?
  • done, Spyder03,

    I'm wondering why no one has entered any info yet.
  • I saw this last night and it looks great. Thanks your doing this. As soon as I have the time to hook up my gimbal to the computer I will fill out the info. I may need to edit it later as it is "work in progress".
  • Let me know if you are having any issues with adding your info.
  • I can't add any info. It is listed as 'view only'.
  • Fixed, sorry
  • No problem. I just started filling it out. Will finish later. I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to post this on a few different boards to help build up the database.
  • No problem, the more info it contains, the better.
  • How about adding a column for video links? That way people can see how each one performs.
  • Hi guys, i also added my values to the spreadsheet. Have a nice day!
  • So... Should I be alarmed if my PID values are significantly different from what others here have posted?
  • No, the gimbals are significantly different too and the PID values on the Tuning guide spread sheet are not necessary the best values. In fact I do not think there is any perfect PID values for any gimbal It is always question of compromise and then it is question what kind of behaviour has been targeted.

    But if your values are much different than a similar gimbal, with similar motors, same firmware and similar camera/lens, maybe it would be good idea to try those values and see if you like them better in some regards.
  • I think spread sheets like this kind are kind of useless and will lead people in the wrong direction. There are other settings that go into gimbal performance. This spreadsheet needs to have a column for every setting for it to be useful. Otherwise PID values are arbitrary.
  • It's not meant to be a how to guide, but a starting point. We should all be aware that none of these settings will work for your set up. There are to many variables in each rig. I think you are over stating the fact that these are completley useless, they may be of help in some cases, maybe not. It takes only a few minutes to add your info, or scan through and maybe find a setup that is close to your own and then get you headed in the right direction. There is also contact info, so that if you find a set up close to your own, this will make it easier to ask for input from that user. In fact just a quick scan has shown there to be 4 or 5 users with the same gimbal, battery, controller, firmware and camera. Not sure why these setting couldnt be helpful to someone with the same basic setup. As afr as columns for every setting, most of the settings in the gui will not change the basic operation of the gimbal. Some of the settings in the advanced tab, all of the rc settings and service tab settings have nothing to do with basic function of the gimbal.
  • last sentence is not true. advanced, rc settings and follow mode settings can all effect performance. certain options from other tabs effect how your PIDs should be tuned. The charts are arbitrary unless you know the other values.
  • Does anyone have a PID for GH3 12-35MM using 3-Axis DYS/CAME 7000
  • Link is still valid?
  • I think you benefice much more of trying auto tune and manual tuning from there. Each gimbal and camera/lens have unique PID settings even if same mark.
  • The link is dead. Does anyone have settings for a gopro size gimbal they can share?