AllSteady 7 - Three axis brushless gimbal for starting at 2k+
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    Here is a video that shows some of the capabilities of the gimbal.

    AllSteady-7 Brushless 3-Axis GIMBAL
    for 5D/Red Epic/4K Blackmagic Production

    For those of you waiting for the ultimate hand held 3-axis gimbal, the AllSteady-7 from Turbo Ace is a game changer that delivers twice the power and payload of conventional gimbals. Combining exceptional structure, powerful motors and cutting edge technology, the AllSteady-7 can easily handle much higher payloads from larger DSLR cameras with telephoto and Cine lenses to Red Epic with accessories. By integrating proprietary clamps, brackets and motor mounts, we have eliminated all slippage and slop common in all traditional gimbal designs. For versatile applications and a seamless end user experience, the gimbal is also packed with extraordinary functions and ergonomic features.

    After over 4,000 hours of development in 8 months, the AllSteady-7 will officially go into mass production in April to streamline cost and quality control. With a long and successful track record of turning out professional gimbals including the AllSteady-1 in 2013, Turbo Ace in Southern California is also a well-respected developer of multicopters for aerial videography. You will have a rare opportunity to preorder the AllSteady-7 at www.kickstarter.com for a substantial discount in about a week. For additional information, you can also go to [www.turboace.com](http://www.turboace.com) or follow us on [Facebook](https://www.facebook.com/turboacewow?ref=hl).

    Some Key AllSteady-7 Features

    - 12 lb Payload Capacity for versatile camera and lens combinations

    - Supports Canon 5D, Nikon D800, Red Epic, 4K BlackMagic Production & etc.

    - Extra Robust Brushless Motors with Support Bearings

    - Pan-Axis Motor Cage (not shown in picture)

    - Proprietary Cross Lock Motor Mount

    - Proprietary Zero Slop Bearing Lock

    - Proprietary Internal Locking Clamps

    - Adjustable Top and Side Rubberized Ergonomic Handles

    - Gimbal Foldable to Flat Form for ease of transport and storage

    - Tuning Stand Foldable to Flat Form for ease of transport and storage

    - Single-lever Tool-less Balance Adjustments

    - 30mm Carbon Tube instead of standard 25mm

    - Outdoor LED Indicator with Auto Low Voltage Shut-off

    - KickStarter Preorder Price: $2,595 - $3,895

    - KickStarter Preorder Date: Estimated March 10, 2014

    - Launch Date: April, 2014