Yaw using a RC Radio
  • Hi everyone.
    I'm mounted a DYS 3 axis GoPro gimbal to a cable camera system. I connected the RX Roll and RX Pitch and plugged them in to a DSM X receiver that is Bound with my DX4e radio. I went into the GUI software and assigned the radio channels and they work great. So I have Pitch and Roll working perfect. I have 2 more channels available and want to get the YAW to work with my radio, As far as the PID and power settings go I have that all working perfect and it's in follow mode. The gimbal works perfect. I could really use your help on getting the YAW to work with my radio.

    I am using a mini Alexmos board with version 2.3 b5 I believe.

    I look forward to your replies

  • Frank you will need to swap the ROLL for YAW in the settings

    in the RC Settings tab:
    ROLL change to 'no input'
    YAW select 'RC ROLL'
  • Thank you.
    That worked perfect but I dont get roll now.
    Is there a way to get all 3 axis's working at the same time with a RC radio?
  • yes there is jut need to tune the gimbal
  • You can assign fc-roll to the yaw.
    Or use ppm-sum
  • Frank as far as I know you can only use 2 channels - maybe when they include SBUS support you will be able to assign more channels to control PITCH,YAW,ROLL & MODE but for now only 2 :(
  • No, you can use fc-roll or fc-pitch input for the yaw
    It's possible to use 3 inputs
  • Thank you Tasz - I didn't know that you can use fc-roll or fc-pitch input for the yaw - I will try it and report back here :)
  • Confirmed as Tasz correctly suggested, you can use the fc-roll or fc-pitch input or in my case I mapped the 3 way switch for the command assignment - thank you again Tasz for information
  • Hello, guys!

    I want to control Yaw with my head tracking goggles. I connedted rc receiver to the board, and camera actually moves according to the goggles movement, but kinda slow. So if I move the goggles slow its fine, but when i move them faster, respond of the gimbal is late and the movement is slow.
    I tried to change PID settings, but it didnt help. Hope someone knows how to fix this.

  • How about trying RC speed. PID is mostly for tuning the reaction to external disturbance.

    This is for FW 2.4
  • Thanks for the advise! Now it seems to work. It took some time to find right setting.
    I have another question, how to set up correct yaw follow mode for 3axis gimbal? I tried to use yaw offset, but it work realy well. Maybe its possible to use FC to set up precise yaw follow ?
  • FC helps with Roll and Pitch, but not yaw. FW 2.4 has a setting for yaw speed, dead band and Expo curve. Start with yaw speed 3 and dead band 3 and expo 0.

    Note also that RC Control Min and Max angle values affect the Follow mode operation, I have just maxed them out.

    But before trying Yaw follow, the yaw needs to work really well on basic mode.
  • hello,

    i have juist installed my 3 axis dys gimbal under my quadcopter 450 dji
    i have everything working eccept that if i touch the gimbal sideways or when i fly there is a chance that the yaw rolls away so it dousnt stay where i want it to be is there a way to fix it in the software or do i have to assign it to my receiver?

    can anyone help me with this problem?


    kevin newton