Connecting Receiver (Futaba R6208SB)
  • Hi,
    I have read all the threads but can't seem to find info.
    I can see on the board what I presume is the input from the receiver Gnd, +5v, TX, RX, I do not know which pins from the receiver should be connected to the pins on the board (sorry, new to these receivers and very little info in the Futaba manual).
    Will it be SBus controlled?
    The BGC manual says 'connect one of the free rx channel to RC_PITCH input, preserving polarity', does this mean I can only control PITCH with the radio? I really need full Pitch Roll and Yaw control for the filming we will be doing with a hand held Gimbal.
    Appreciate any help.

  • Futaba R6208SB has labeled channels from 1 to 8. from your radio you should find what channels go to what controls. The board has well labeled the inputs. Then just connect as you like the controls to be and configure from the BGC GUI.

    Ps. If you are unclear how the wires are connected on R6208SB Google 'servo wire' the connection is easiest if you use a standard 3 wire servo cable per channel. Red = +, black = -, white = signal (PWM). If you use Futaba cable it goes automatically right on the receiver.

    PS2. I think SBUS is not yet supported by any BGC board, but would be interested to find a board that supports SBUS.
  • Many thanks!
  • Zeb I never needed to have control over roll...just needed it to keep level :-)
  • Hi, I've have a question, I've a basecam board and am looking to hook up manual pitch control through a pwm signal, the 2.3 instruction manual has a link for a connection diagram but it doesn't work
    The pins on my board are labelled but have no idea what they mean without the instructions to clarify.
    Here's my board, can someone tell me witch pins to use for pitch control and do I use the center power wire or not? Thanks for any help...
  • If you look on the back of the board they have letters. You probably just need RC_PITCH and RC_ROLL. Connect there the channel you have assigned to Pitch and on Roll the one you have assigned for yaw. Then you will have to define that yaw will be controlled by the roll on simplebgc.
  • OK, looks to me like these are the pitch pins, do I remove the center power wire or do I just hook up all three negative positive and signal to my pwm channel on the rx.
    Thanks for the help so far!
  • Got it, did not use the center power wire, works a treat.
    Thanks for the help!
  • Glad it worked :-)