bluetooth android app reward now being offered start at $100
  • Hello,

    It has been 5 months since the initial release of the ultimate brushless gimbal. Now we have 2 models available with another in the works. Gimbal are based on CineStar carbon fiber CNC cut parts so the are compatible with CineStar, DROIDWORKS, Hoverfly, Carbon Core, copters with no modification required. You can find the different packages here Http://Brushlessgimbal.ca/

    All the gimbals are able to carry all the major film cameras no the market Black magic Cinema camera, Canon 5D Mark 3, Red Epic, Red Scarlet, Red X & more. Rated up to 10lb And even more with the I-power GMB8017 Red Epic motors. So you can add Matt box, automatic follow focus, larger lenses to you Red camera on our new Red Epic Brushless Gimbal.

    This new toy seems to be very popular with the Arial photographer, looking for flexibility in functionality of this tool. You can fly with it or use it as a hand held electronic stabilized steady cam. Brushless gimbal technology is on the bleeding edge. Young film makers see this tool as a god send saving money on production cost, less time setting up shots, continues shooting from seen to seen excreta.

    There are many controller choices at the moment but the most popular is the Alamos controller. Offering the most features and the most expensive price for a 3 axis brushless gimbal controllers .

    If you have the patience you can get your gimbal running like a Dream in no time.

    This is not a plug and play work out of the box deal however . It requires some technical know how assembling and connecting the controller to the gimbal & brushless motors, instructions are available. Balancing your camera is very important will need to be done each time you use a different camera. You need some DIY skills or know some one who can assist you, professional assistance is available as well. Most people who have built a Multicopter will have no trouble here.

    like to offer a $100 reward for a blue tooth android app, it's not much but I am hoping others will pitch in as well just like to get the ball rolling!

    famous hobby
  • an iphone app would be cool too
  • Already been done for android
  • seen that IOS next?
  • Yes, I know this App, but you need a 150€ Bluetooth module to use it. The module I use right now is quite cheaper... ;D

    Regards, hexakopter