Motor pin configuration
  • Hey all and thanks for having this forum.. much appreciated

    For my particular setup Im wiring my motors to the board without using the original servo style plugs & sockets,
    So Im wondering about the polarity of the servo outputs. The receiver inputs are marked fine but not the roll / pan etc axis outputs.
    Centre is always +voltage of course but which pins are ground / signal please?
  • If you talking about connection of gimbal motors to SimpleBGC controller, so you got to know that it is no matter the polarity. It is the same rule as you connect the BLDC motor to any ESC. If motor runs wrong direction, you can invert it in the GUI.
  • Thanks
    its not a simple matter of if i get the plug the wrong way round, I'm not using the plugs but want to know the exact pin outs really
  • On mine, all three motor wires were black no markings. And braided at 15 inches so no way to trace back to the motor connectors. So, I just ignored which was which. Works fine with the AUTO motor settings.
  • ok thx, i really need to wire the two tilt motors together too
  • Im sure brushless motors and a completely different beast to a servo so i can probably throw away everything i know about how those are wired.

    ... researching :-)