12C 4 Pin Cable
  • I am building a carbon fiber hand held gimbal and I need help with the 4 pole cable from the AlexMo to the IMU. My first comment is this, can I mount all electronics close to the camera? I have room on the 22mm CF tubing tilt axis to put some plates. Or is it better not to have it close on a large movi style rig on this moving part? In which case, the lead to the IMU would have to snake around about 38" from above the pan arm. (It's a large rig)

    These IMU leads have the micro 4 pin connectors, male on both ends of the cable. I may be over thinking it and should just put the board next to the camera and run longer power leads instead. This is for a 5DMIII camera system.

    I don't know how to post pics here. I see no options for that. But I will post a build log if I can find a way or the help for this forum software. Do I have to host them on another site and put in links here?