Armbgc ripping people off!
  • On 4/13/13 I ordered 2 motors from armbgc.com (BGM2208-80). Todays date is 6/30/13. As of today I have still not received these motors. For the past month and a half I have emailed back and forth with someone from armbgc. The following are the emails:

    Me (5/20): It has been approximately 5 weeks, and I still have not yet received my order. Someone there gave me a tracking number, but I do not know the website of where to check the delivery status. Can you please inform me as to when I will receive my order?

    Armbgc (5/21): OK , today we check it with our HK office.

    Me (5/29): Have you found anything out yet? It's been 6 weeks since I've ordered these motors.

    Armbgc (5/29): we resend you motors, if you not receive unthil end of next week.

    Me (6/11): I still haven't received the motors and it has been months since I've ordered them. At this point I would appreciate if you credited my account for the $78.98 that I paid. This is very discouraging!

    Armbgc (6/12): we are not post service and we hav't guaranty any receiving date. your motor is shipped, and on the way

    Me (6/14): You have got to be kidding me! I have been hearing that my motor shipped for the past 2 months! Your website says 15-30 days and it's been 60! It is your responsibility to ship me the components not mine. If I do not get refunded immediately, I will post these emails on every single forum for everyone to view how your company runs! Learn how to value your customers and follow through once they pay you! You would not exist if it wasn't for your customers. SHAME ON YOU!

    Armbgc (6/15): We not the post company and we don't guarantee work of post services. we write approximate terms on a site instead of is concrete, ourselves often buy in other shops, and we have some problems with postal services. once again sorry we will try to solve your problem.

    Me (6/22): Yet another week has gone by and I still have not received my parts! It has been approximately 68 days since I've ordered 2 small motors! This is absolutely ridiculous! I am going to go on every forum right now and will tell everyone about your inexistent customer service!

    Me (6/28): As of today it has been a total of 76 days sine I ordered 2 small motors from your company. The customer service you have provided is absolute garbage! I sent an email last week and nobody has responded. I want a refund for the motors and I want it immediately! This is the most ridiculous lead time on an item I've ordered in my entire life. You should truly be ashamed for your lack of customer service in correcting this situation!

    Armbgc is truly a joke. An Armbgc representative showed their the lack of class by calling individuals "liars"on public forums. Are you kidding me??? I am not here to create any drama or problems, however, I would like to inform everyone that Armbgc does not deliver on their promises, nor do they understand the meaning of customer service. As of today, it has been 78 days since I ordered 2 motors, and they have stopped emailing me. I have requested multiple times that they refund my $78.98 and they've refused. Please be careful when ordering from this website! It appears to be a business that seems to have the billing aspect of their business under control, but that's where it stops!

    Oh and by the way, if they call me a liar, I have proof of the email correspondence to back up every single word in this email. Also, I have no affiliation with any armbgc competitors. I wanted to mention this prior to them making this accusation, as they've made in forums such as this one: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1873825


  • Hi Danny, have you received your parcel finally?
  • Hi danny im having exactly the same problem as you!!!!!! when i asked them were the gimble was they said they are waiting for the postal company to pick it up........ What the hell, why dont they take it there themselves, this is totally unacceptable, i am running a professional aerial videography company and have lost a client due to this company..... im gutted
  • Dejan Vujovic
    Impel Automation
    1229 Lakeside Drive
    Romeoville, Illinois 60446
    CountryUnited States Phone number (630) 881-1126

    This order shipped in April 20 after 2 day to payment From HK I-flight Company
    here is track number and all can see it


    they couldn't find this client and transfer him a parcel as we see, such address isn't present, and nobody addressed to them concerning this parcel.

    as we see to the client a parcel isn't necessary, it is necessary to him a reason for slander

    now this customer send other address.

    17W116 Fern St.
    Willowbrook, IL 60527

    As we understand it very probably on wrecking from the competitive company.

    yes we sometimes have delays with delivery, but it is connected with a large number the order and problems with products which we try to solve that our clients received a good product as you know it everything while as the Beta the version.

    ArmBGC Sales
  • First of all, I would like to point out my prediction from my first email: "Also, I have no affiliation with any armbgc competitors." It's fairly obvious they have and will continue to make false accusations that all of the "Complainers" are from competitive organizations.

    It took armbgc 80 days to finally give me the tracking information, which I requested on 5/20 as specified in my first email. Armbgc was 100% accurate in stating they had in fact shipped the motors. The parcel company did attempt to deliver the product and nobody was their to accept it. Of course I had no idea because ARMBGC NEVER PROVIDED ANY SHIPPING INFORMATION, nor did they follow up as I had kindly requested. As opposed to following up on the shipping status, they told lie after lie that they were going to resend the motors, which they did not. On 5/29, they mentioned they would resend the motors, so where is the tracking info from that order? They sent me another email on 7/1 stating they would AGAIN resend the motors, so where is that tracking info???

    The definition of slander is: "The action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person's reputation." I would certainly agree with armbgc, if in fact there was any validity to their statement, however that is certainly not the case. The first address I provided was my work address at the time. When armbgc finally did their job and tracked the shipment, I then provided another address, BECAUSE I DIDN'T WORK AT THE ORIGINAL ONE ANYMORE!!!

    Yu3u...No I still haven't received the shipment and have written it off as a loss at this point.

    MAT1978...Where are you located? I may be able to help you in time for your shoot.

    Attempting to communicate with armbgc is a waste of time and energy. They will not take responsibility for their actions! When someone writes a complaint on a forum, armbgc calls them liars and/or competitors. Well I have a question...for what reason is it acceptable to refer to someone as being "mentally retarded" as they did with MAT1978 on this forum: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1873825&page=3

    I am a stand up guy and have never written a complaint such as this in my entire life! I'm 41 years old and have better things to do with my time than to make false accusations about armbgc. I spent/lost/wasted $78.98, which is not a lot of money. To me, it's strictly based on principle and that's specifically the reason as to why I posted these TRUTHFUL comments. I wanted to warn others that were going to spend a great deal more than I did. I am financially secure and can easily afford to lose $78.98 and I am NOT a competitor of armbgc. I have nothing to gain by recommending people shop elsewhere. Absolutely nothing! I run my business in an ethical fashion and have retained customer for many years, due to the fact that I treat them well. The thought of referring to one of my customer's as being "mentally retarded makes me sick to my stomach! My customers are the reason I am able to put food on my table and provide for my family. I treat them as if they were my own family! Armbgc should take a lesson from my playbook and quit treating people as they do. It's very easy to open a business. The difficulty lies within the longevity of it.

  • We have no time for insignificant talks,
    Our system automatically sends tracking numbers to clients as soon as sends the order, all our clients of it know. we aren't guilty that mail doesn't work for you or you for any reason didn't receive the letter on the notice.

    The fact in that that your order was sent to time, and is delivered in your address in time, and we aren't guilty and aren't obliged to receive for you a parcel,

    in any case your motors will be sent you after holidays to the USA by other our partner company, that them quickly received.

    never shift blame on others, not we not the post company aren't guilty that you weren't at work, and that your colleagues so didn't respect you that at all didn't tell that to you there was a parcel.

    And one more. We don't guarantee any shipping service work, we can help only at a lost good and send anew the goods, all other claims to pochtoby services.
  • 80 days to send me the proper tracking information and I'm shifting the blame huh? If you believe that this or any discussion is insignificant, then that's your choice. At this point, my opinion is that you are too ignorant to understand reason. I am curious as to how you believe it's ok to refer to your customers as "mentally retarded" or call them "liars". Maybe you can explain to your customers why your account has been suspended on the following forum: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1873825

    I will continue this discussion as long as you keep responding with your ridiculous and meaningless comments. I have nothing to gain by telling everyone my experiences with your "organization". This is a forum and I have every right to do so. I have provided proof of my accusations and will stand by them.

    For you to publicly argue with the very people that buy your products is an example of your lack of professionalism and integrity. Rather than spending time defending yourself on this or any other forum, take that time and make sure your customers get what they've all paid for. Take responsibility for your actions! The truth shall prevail and is unavoidable sir/ma'am!
  • yet there will be no apology public from your party, we close all discussions.

    as we sent you a track on April 17th, and goods delivered on May 2nd.
    If you not receive it, it is your problem.

    we tried to help you and to send anew in spite of the fact that the goods were delivered in time. but now yet there will be no apology, repeated goods won't be.

    let's remind all that the order was on April 13, We sent 17 April, the goods were delivered on May 2nd but its this mister didn't deign to receive, and you see who he is creates.

    Dejan Vujovic
    Impel Automation
    1229 Lakeside Drive
    Romeoville, Illinois 60446
    CountryUnited States Phone number (630) 881-1126

    This order shipped in April 20 after 2 day to payment From HK I-flight Company
    here is track number and all can see it



    Apropos why our account closed,
    because of you closed and considered it as spam, and we now found the lawyer in the USA, it everything will prepare all documents and proofs which are (all IP address, All Log frinm i-Fligth company too, all notification logs to you , all the ravine from providers e.t.c. and we will be to measure swords in court, because of your slander we lost a lot of money, it is a lot of

    and already essentially not to give such as you to dishonor it us.
  • You certainly did send me a tracking number as specified in my email on 5/13. In that same email, I inquired as to which shipping company you used and you never answered me. I observed correspondence between you and another individual experiencing the same issue and you gave them a link to track their item. This link was NEVER given to me. If you would've done your due diligence, this matter would've been closed a LONG time ago and we wouldn't be having this conversation.
  • but it not the occasion of such posts which you wrote how I wrote earlier is a new product and in a beta testing, think as difficultly everything to organize it and clients for its part have to understand it. in any case we returned you money.

    bay the way , we in rcgroups. as you see we not suspended
  • Hi danny

    I'm located in the south of portugal, thank you for your kind comments. firstly armbgc are the worst company i have ever ever dealt with , and to call clients retards and " we don't need clients like you" is unacceptable. You are just a supplier of a very good product THATS ALL!!!! You did not have any part in the development of this product , and are only recieving clients on the reputation of the controller, thats all , you don't seem to understand the basics of customer support or how to run a business and wish you all the best in your doomed venture.

    Danny if there is anyway you can help me out here as i have a shoot for the conrad in 2 weeks!!!!!! rest assured you will be credited for your help

    Thanks again
  • hi danny did you get my message, not sure there getting to you?
  • Wow.... So have they not fixed the problem still? There's quite a few companies that just keep stock of these products in order to sell. It seems that they are just barely organized enough to receive orders and package them. Give everything time, this new hobby will calm down and the weak companies with fade out once production catches up with supply. This behavior rarely survives in the long run........
  • I bought the 3 axis combo from them - I recieved a 2 axis board but the paperwork said 3 axis. It's been a few weeks now. I just noticed they've been taken off the list of alexmos suppliers?
  • hi , today we return from holiday , and begin work. all 3-axi will be shipped in this week.
  • Order Status Changed

    Hi Tomas

    An order you recently placed on our website has had its status changed.

    The status of order #1710 is now Awaiting Shipment
    Order Details
    Order Total: $17.99 USD
    Date Placed: 20th Aug 2015
    Payment Method: 2Checkout (Hosted)

    ArmBGC Innovation Gimbal Systems

    and after this mail .... nothing happens (site its down)

    gl with business :)