Thumb stick camera tilt
  • I am building a 3 axis hand held gimbal - single operator with the yaw simply dampened. I intend to have one handle on top and I can get some nice low shots - but.......... I really would like to be able to control the tilt of the camera to point it down sometimes but still have it stabilised. I realise I can probably do this using a transmitter but that's not practical for what I'm building.
    Is there a way to feed in tilt information to the board using some other sort of mini joystick or thumb wheel or anything like that?

    Because I mostly take low down shots - I would like to sometimes look down at the subject rather than always be level. Anyone have any ideas?
    Bear in mind I'm no electronics expert but I don't mind grafting to get it working if there's a way.

    Thanks guys.
  • This is possible, see the "RC Settings tab" section of the SimpleBGC manual. You can either use a PWM signal or Analog signal for that input. If PWM, you will need a microcontroller (or some way of creating the desired PWM signal), if analog then you should be able to do it with a potentiometer with the output between 0 and 5V.
  • Hi, I´m new here, so Hello to everyone! I also want to connect a joystick to the board. I bought one of these thump sticks. Nice and handy. The connection diagram is a bit unspecific, how to connect a joystick. I must admit, that I`m not the real expert in electronics. I understand from which pin to get GND and 5V. But from which Pin can I take Pitch and Yaw? After this, is there any additional setup needed in the GUI?