BGC GUI doesn't show Mavlink Heartbeat
  • Hi.
    I'm working on a simple project. I'm using Jetson NANO as a periphery between PX4 and SimpleBGC Pro.

    So the deal is:
    JN sends the heartbeat msg to BGC simulating ArduPilot. Unfortunately, BGC GUI does not show incoming HB, however, JN receives BGC's HB.
    - MAVLink 1 as it should be (MAVLINK_COMM_# setup);
    - All Ardupilot params are set like in the manual;
    - HB (to BGC) is sent each second;
    I have a similar interface for PX4 and it works fine.

    Does the Debug window even show incoming data or is it a bug?

    SimpleBGC GUI: v2.70 b0