worm gear driving pitch axis
  • Hi guys, I am using a extended board to stabalise a brass nozzle. I have previously used a gear reduction of 3 on the pitch axis alongside pwm encoders. It was able to actuate and hold the nozzle in place and I was able to send RC commands to change its position. However, as it has not enough torque when pitching towards higher angles, I decided to use a worm gear to replace the spur gears due to its high reduction ratio of 40. however, now when i try to power the motors, it does not try to stabalize the nozzle when i change the attitude of the frame.

    I am wondering if is it because the motor is no longer parallel to the axis due to the nature of the worm gear being perpendicular to the axis of rotation. Does the controller cares about the mounting position of the motor and encoder relative to the driving axis? Thanks in advance.
  • update: managed to solve this issue, turns out my encoder and motor rotation were opposite each other( white arrow and black arrow rotated at different direction). However, now when powering my motor for a period of time, ~10 mins the motor gets very hot. Current draw remains pretty low not exceeding 1A. May I check anyone has any idea on the possible reasons for which why the motors get so hot? Thanks!
  • I lowered the power settings and the motor is now not as hot. However, i have a new issue where the pitch motor demonstrates different behaviour when pitching up and down. When pitching up, it is able to catch up to the RC command. while when pitching down, it lags behind the RC command and motor feels weaker as I am able to stop it easier with my hands. Anyone encountered similar problems?