Magnetometer Calibration Issues
  • Hello,
    I'm trying to interface an HMC5883L GY-273 Magnetometer Sensor with my SimpleBGC 32-bit Extended (2.70b0). When I calibrate the sensor, I typically get one gauge value near +/- 1, with the others near 0. The gimbal's yaw reading is very far off (>40 deg) when compared to true cardinal directions, even when error values are low. When I rotate yaw, I experience high error values. My heading correction factor = 50, and I am following the calibration algorithm documented in the manual, rotating the entire gimbal. The magnetometer sensor is ~14cm from the nearest motor, the only ferrous material on the gimbal. The orientation of a magnetometer is set the same as the IMU, and the axes are aligned. I also set magnetic declination based on my location. Has anybody been able to achieve high accuracy heading values (+/- 2deg) from a magnetometer? Am I doing something incorrectly, or not considering something based on my description?
  • Hello.

    Is your serial connection set to 115200 in GUI? The sum value of MAG_XYZ itself shouldn't be higher than 1.0 +- 0.2. So there is definitely something wrong. Maybe u can try to calibrating really far from everything (magnets, metals etc) and write it down here, I'll try to help you out.