ROLL motor switching off under load
  • Hello,

    I build a custom 3D printed 2 axis gimbal using the 32-bit SimpleBGC as controller. The motors are two GB2208 brushless motors from T-Motor (https://store.tmotor.com/goods.php?id=447). I have correctly set the axes under Hardware->Main IMU Sensor, then did a 6-axis calibration and tuned the PID values.

    When I switch on the motors, the gimbal correctly stabilizes (most of the time, at least). I can move the axes with my hands and they would return to their stabilized position when released. However, when I push down on the pitch motor, thus applying clockwise rotation to the roll axis from the camera's point of view, the gimbal would immediately switch off all motors, drop down powerless and then immediately try to restabilize itself.

    I can make the roll motor resist the pressure a little better by increasing the motor power, but I'm at 180 now which already makes the motor get very warm. I'm afraid to set much higher values here.

    Note that the camera module (also custom) is very lightweight while the motors are not. This makes the gimbal arm a little unbalanced to the right. Could this be an issue and should I fix that by adding counterweights?

    BTW. Is there a hidden function to upload media files on this forum? A picture would be worth a thousand words here, a video problably a million...

    Thanks in advance