Pin Sequence for AS5048A Encoder Connector to SimpleBGC-Extended Encoder Connections
  • Hello from Atlanta -

    I posted this is a reply - and to make it easier for others to find, I'm posting this information again here.

    This was my reference:
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/3fmxk9gy88598a6/encoder pinout.png?dl=0

    The connections are:

    ALEXMOS CONNECTOR ---------------- AS5048A CONNECTOR
    PIN 1 (GROUND) ------------------------- PIN 1
    PIN 2 (+5 V) ------------------------------ PIN 2
    PIN 3 (CS/PWM) ------------------------- PIN 6
    PIN 4 (MOSI) ----------------------------- PIN 4
    PIN 5 (MISO) ----------------------------- PIN 3
    PIN 6 (SCK) ------------------------------ PIN 5

    I've also uploaded a photo of a cable I made. Please note - these pin sequences are not symmetrical - you have to make sure you attach the proper end to each device. In my photo, you'll see that I've marked one connector - it's the connector that must be connected to the Alexmos connector.
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/1x6zq7nqy876zfz/Alexmos to AS5048A wire harness.jpg?dl=0