Letus Helix and android app basecambgc32 version beta 3.01b1 (build 10125
  • Hello, when i use your android app basecambgc32 version beta 3.01b1 (build 10125) if i change for exemple parameters in hardware tab, your android app change automaticaly the order of euler angles (in RC settings tab) so if i change any parameter, my Helix can't do 360° roll with RC controler. Helix stop roll at 90° on left and lock roll axis. To resolve this change done by android app, i have to change rc settings order of euler angles in my PC simplebgc application from CAM-PITCH-ROLL-YAW to CAM-ROLL-PITCH-YAW. Apparently, we can change this order on android app and if we make any change in android app, euler angles come back automatically to CAM-PITCH-ROLL-YAW. Do you have any tips please? or new android beta version ?