Default Map sensor circuit or PCM?
  • Heres a good one for youins', I usually find what info I need without posting. Its great to have some really good techs out there willing to help out the needy. I have been in the field for many years myself.

    We have a 2000 Honda Accord 2.3L would not go over 65mph, poor idle too.

    Yeah I know what yur thinkin so was I, and went ahead and replaced what ever sensor failed the diagnostics. Ok no codes now Idle is good. All wiring and grounds were checked and/or cleaned. Still bogs down at 3,000 rpm 2nd or 3rd gear. After looking at the scanner again I'm getting a reverse Map sensor(https://www.apogeeweb.net/electron/the-function-and-application-of-a-map-sensor.html) reading. When vacuum is high scanner says its low, WOT inHG is high???. Tests the sensor are in spec. Anyone see this before?