Bad Customer Service.
  • I am trying to check the status of a defective product I returned to Basecam Electronics about 2 months ago. I was told by Dimitry, about a month ago, that he would check on this and get back to me the following Monday. This never happened. I inquired again. I got no response.

    I use Basecam products exclusively in the drones I build and usually find them to be the best on the market. The board I returned was simply bad out of the box and I would like to get it repaired or replaced but I am getting no response in the customer service department. Is this the way Basecam Electronics do business?

  • They have always answered questions and been active, but lately they rarely answer emails or on forum. It would be good to know why. Is it temporary (due to lack of availability of components?) or is it the case that the company is taking an other direction? it's the best product on the market in my opinion and used by many in products.

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    It is a concern indeed,