DragonFrame control
  • Hi All,
    Does anyone know if it would be possible to use DragonFrame software to provide programmable control of the BGC Pro? The DMC-16 controller provides Step & Dir signals and I was wondering if these could be converted to PWM? and used on the RC_PITCH input etc, unless there is an easier way! SPI? Still new to all the BaseCam stuff so please forgive any ignorance :-)
    Many thanks
  • Hello,

    Step/dir cannot be converted to PWM input easy way. And even if you do this, gimbal works differently than stepper motors. Like the stepper, you can control a speed of rotation via PWM inputs or digital commands, but the resulting motion may differ from the expected because inputs are internally filtered (smoothed, acceleration correction is applied). Also, for the YAW axis, a gyroscope drift should be taken into account and needs special attention to eliminate.
    Anthe potential problem may be coordinate system. Steppers are controlled individually (motor coordinates) while gimbal is controlled in virtual Euler axes 3D rotation in space, regardless of the motor or frame position.

    Though, step/dir (and reset or index) may be converted to the SPEED + ANGLE commands for the gimbal using a simple Arduino sketch. If we have time, we can make such example for you.

    Also I see that DragonFrame supports Arduino? In this case it would be possible to adjust their sketch to replace step/dir to Serial API commands sent directly to gimbal to adjust speed/angle the most precise way.