Set to "0" for Yaw Euler Angle
  • I have problem with Gimbal in CAMERA-YAW-ROLL-PITCH configuration. When I turn the camera by 90 degrees left or right, ROLL becomes
    PITCH and visa versa for RC -control.

    How I can send command to Gimbal for reset Yaw Euler Angle to "0" without sending command for Reset All Gimbal?
  • Hello,
    Do you mean CAMERA-YAW-ROLL-PITCH order of motors, or order of Euler angles? Your mentioned "for RC control" so I assume you have Euler order where YAW goes first?
    1) Do you really need this specific Euler order? If not, you can change it to the order where YAW goes last, and the problem will be solved
    2) If this order is needed - you can restart only IMU sensor by the menu command "Restart IMU state". It re-initializes only the IMU subsystem and resets the YAW axis to zero. But also it restarts ROLL-PITCH angles, reading them from the accelerometer. Stabilization is not interrupted.

    Unfortunatelly there is no command to reset the YAW angle only.
  • Hello,

    I have compact gimbal for copter with hardware configuration: CAMERA-YAW (+-10 degree of freedom)-ROLL(+-20 degree of freedom)-PITCH (+-90 degree of freedom) and set it in HARDWARE GUI.

    I set the same RC configuration CAMERA-YAW-ROLL-PITCH for propertly control of Gimbal in RC GUI.

    Arduino look RAW encoder data and change RC signal (in speed mode) to set YAW and Roll axes to central position when its approach to mechanical YAW ROLL limits.

    Only Pitch axe need to control from "Ground".

    When I control to set Pitch angle about 45 degree (or more) and then rotate copter about 90 degree of copters Yaw axe Gimbal has spontaneous roteting of Pitch and another axes. Change signal on Pitch RC-control input do changes non Pitch axes position too. After send reset to Gimbal it work propetly and change signal on Pitch RC-control input do change only Pitch axe position.

    I try to send "Restart IMU state" command instead "Reset" but it stoped to recieved RAW encoder data about 3 seconds and Gimbal has problem with hit of mechanical YAW and Roll limits when copter continue rotating by own Yaw axes.

    May be I can use another way for propetly work Gimbal with free copter rotation on +-180 degree of freedom of own Yaw axe and has control Pitch of Gimbal to +-90 degree of freedom?