Second (Frame) IMU on Can_MCU
  • I am having trouble with the second IMU. I have soldered the connection on the second IMU so it recognises the IMU as a frame one. In the software it does recognise it and I have calibrated it etc to. The Monitoring section of the software also show its working when setting the frame IMU to display etc, so I would think all good. I have the IMU mounted above the Yaw and on the housing. I have selected the option on the software to centre the yaw according to the frame IMU but it does not do it. It also seems really sluggish and slow when viewing the live feedback on the right in the software. The main IMU is instant but the Frame IMU is really slow. ie if I roll the whole rig by 90 degrees the main IMU is instant but the feedback for the frame IMU takes about 30 seconds to catchup. What's going on? I really want to set limits but can't because it seems the frame IMU is doing nothing. HELP!