problem with the pitch
  • hello everyone,

    I'm building my own gimbal, I printed my own parts for the arms, ordered GB2208 - TMOTOR motors for gimbal,... so when I stabilize everything works, I still have adjustments to the PIDs but for the Pitch movement there is a problem... it has trouble stabilizing,... I have to touch it or push it a little with my finger so that it stabilizes and becomes straight again.
    Is it a problem of PID adjustment ? a mechanical problem ?
    The camera is held by two arms. I tried to stabilize it on only one arm and the pitch problem is still there...

    has anyone ever encountered this problem?
    Could someone please help me to get this to work?
  • can you share a video with use?

    helps alot, Resson can be are stiffness, bad feedback, wrong balance, settings issue- you use encoder, if no, way more things that can be make your problem.

  • Hello,

    the yaw axis is slightly shifted to the left in order to compensate the weight of the motor on the pitch axis. As you can see the PID settings are not perfect, do you have a solution for these settings? An algorithm to adjust the PIDs little by little?

    Moreover, we can see that the gimbal is not really straight...I don't know why...but I calibrated the accelerometer in six points...do you have a solution ?

    and finally you can see if I push the gimbal on the yaw and roll axis, it comes back to its initial point but the pitch axis doesn't...I have to touch it a little bit to make it come back

    the link of the video :