Yaw encoder problem
  • I have a problem with the YAW encoder.
    Everything is well configured, what's more, when I disconnect the Yaw encoder, the motors respond very well. But, I activate the YAW encoder and at first it works very well, then when I pan to either side, the motor stops having traction and does not work.
    I have the monitor of the ERR-ENC-YAW and I move it in all directions and it looks good, it does not give errors or weird spikes.
    Change software version and nothing, does the same.
    Has anyone had this problem?
  • Hello!
    The common cause for this kind of problem is a wrong synchronization of the measured angle to the actual "electrical" angle (angle between rotor and electrical field in stator). The reason may be wrong number of poles configured for the motor, or a non-linearity of the encoder. At the point where the encoder was calibrated, all works well, but the further motor goes away from it, the more error is, and at some point, the motor stops producing force completely.

    An encoder non-linearity may be caused by nearby iron (screws too close to the chip, for example) or a badly polarised magnet (very rare but we seen such cases). A big displacement of the rotation axis to the chip's center is a possible reason as well (as I remember, only 1mm tolerance is allowed).
  • Thank you very much Alex.
    I will try to see the magnet of the encoder, maybe it is the other way around since the distance of 1mm respects it.

    Thank you
  • I think I have this problem as well, all works well unless I pan the yaw motor beyond 10 degrees both directions. Power use gos to max and torque dissipates. I will try a different magnet or non ferro screws.