Unstable at High/Low Pitch Angles
  • Hi there,

    I am working on a two axis gimbal with the following Euler order: Camera -> Pitch -> Yaw. Whenever I command pitch above/below ~65 degrees the yaw motor will go unstable and start spinning around wildly. Interestingly, the pitch seems to reach the commanded set point.

    Additionally if I start the gimbal with pitch pointing straight up or straight down the yaw will go unstable on startup and Basecam will go into a reset state.

    A couple things to note:
    1. Below 65 degrees, the gimbal seems to work great and the stabilization works very well.
    2. I am using Encoder enabled firmware for both axes.
    3. I have tried both 2.70b0 and 2.63b0 with the same issues.
    4. I have tried both cam -> pitch -> roll -> yaw and cam -> roll -> pitch -> yaw Euler orders with the same results.

    Looking around the forum this seems to be a very common problem, with the solution being to switch to a non-encoder version of firmware which is not possible for my use case.

    I have tried contacting support multiple times without any responses.

    Anyone have any advice or workarounds?

    Thanks in advance!
  • Note pitch estimation seems spot on and when moving the gimbal around without motor power, the pitch angles seem accurate.
  • Any advice out there? @alexmos Any help?
  • Hello,
    Check do you have white arrows in the GUI's gauge panel moving when camera titls up/down?

    If you have encoders, you have to use encoder-enabled firmware and calibrate encoder field offset and then offset. If you do not use encoders - YOU MUST NOT use the encoder firmware, use regular instead!
  • Thanks @alexmos,

    Yes we see the white arrows moving as the camera tilts (and pans).

    We are using encoders and are using the encoder enabled version of firmware. We have calibrated the field offset and offset parameters. Does the order matter? They seem to be working, as we get encoder measurements that seem reasonable.

    Thank you.
  • If you have calibrated encoders, it should work correctly. 2-axis PITCH-YAW gimbal is commonly used and works for a lot of customers. Please create a ticked in helpdesk, attaching gimbal settings saved to a *.profile file, and the video describing the problem. https://www.basecamelectronics.com/support/
  • Hello @Pierce and @alexmos,
    Did you find any solution to your problem?

    I am facing the same issue with my 2 axis gimbal. My roll gets unstable at high and low pitch angles.

    I have tried contacting support multiple times, but they haven't replied to me.
  • Hi @advaitborole, no I have not gotten this to work yet. Any progress on your end?