My PilotFlyAction-1 controller died, can i order same model?
  • Hello everyone, I had a sad event. My stabilizer PilotFlyAction-1 for my Sony X3000 completely died from just one drop of rain (the manufacturer's stupid design with an open controller helped with this). Tell me, can I order an identical controller from you for my PilotFlyAction-1? Also maybe i need motors.

    Best regards, Sergey.
  • Hello,
    Are you sure that gimbal controller became a brick? Does the board has a damaged parts?
    Did you try to unplug all external devices from controller board and test it?
    Please, make photos of both sides of your board in high resolution, upload it to dropbox.com (or similar service) and send us a link.

    Also, we recommend contact with the gimbal manufacturer may be he can sell you another one controler board: marcus.oswald@pilotfly.de
  • I can only connect in Debug mode. But still can`t flash the board in manual. Also the screws of my gimbal is very tiny...so i can`t take off the board (as i understand i should switch to DFU mode). Maybe in PilotFly Action-1 have some buttons combinations to go inside this mode?

    Here is the DropBox link https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ut3qw6zt4et22r1/AABasq6qJOBF8k4o5aiN_sm-a?dl=0
  • Also a little description of the situation before the board becames a brick. First my Gimbal start to makes crazy movements....before it works ok, later when i try to fix that i accidentally make a wrong update of firmware. So the question is this crazy movements, vibraions in the begining indicates the board was broken? Or it happens sometimes?