Power too low for motors
  • I have a design that can use a lot of power, but all I can get out of the board is around 500mA (+100mA for the MCU) @20V. I am using a high quality bench power supply that can deliver up to 20A @20V reliably. Is there a reason I can't get the 8A continuous/13A peak to work correctly?

    I am using the 2.6.9b6 on the Pro controller
    GM6208 motors
    AS5048A PWM encoders
  • The motors you use, have a very high resistance and inductance. As a result, they provide big torque even at small currents, but power is very low (power = torque * speed). From specs that I found, it's stated:

    Voltage: 20V
    Current: 0.08A

    You need different motors having resistance below 3~5 Ohm between 2 phases to get high currents and maximum performance with the Pro board.
  • How many poles in your motor?